relationships win-win Mauimama

Win-Win Relationships

You are 100% responsible for your own happiness. No one else can make you happy, or remove your joy. Nor can you “make” someone...
transform marriage Baldwin Beach

Transform your Marriage

If you want to transform your marriage each person has to be aware of the other person’s needs in order to know what’s going on....
Accessing clarity recognizing interpretations

Everything is a Relationship

Aloha. We are exited, to be a part, from the start of The Mauimama. It is fascinating to witness the inception of this unique...
being present relationships RayBella

A New Dimension for Relationships – Essential No. 1: Being Present

When we began the research for our book, the magnitude of the challenges impacting relationships became strikingly apparent. A skyrocketing divorce rate of 50%...
Checklist of expectations RayBella

Essential No. 1 continued…The Checklist of Expectations

An expectation is an attachment to a predetermined outcome. When this “made-up-notion” is not experienced as predicted, it leads to tension and uneasiness. Great...
comfortable with discomfort poli poli

Essential No. 2: Being Comfortable with Discomfort

With the holiday season under way the craving for comfort is in the air. We prep our homes to reflect a warm and comfortable...
Accessing clarity recognizing interpretations

Essential No. 2 continued… Accessing Clarity – Recognizing Interpretations

2012 has generated momentous interest throughout the world; we unquestionably have entered unprecedented times. This New Year is fraught with expectations, predictions, uncertainty and...
Embracing Authenticity know yourself

Essential No 3: Embracing Authenticity: Knowing Yourself

How often have you heard: “Just be yourself”, when you asked someone for advise? Easier said than done, right? And would you tell your...
Following intuition inner knowing

Essential No. 4: Following Intuition – Acting on your Inner-Knowing

While the fourth Essential “Following Intuition” comes naturally to most mothers, everyone has experienced intuition on some level. Sometimes it shows up as a...
Mauimama self expression unlimited

Essential No. 5: Full Self-Expression – Being Unlimited

Motherhood changes everything. When women become mothers they willingly relinquish their personal desires and focus solely on the immediate needs of their child. The...
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