self empowerment self connection

Self Empowerment Through Self Connection

Last month we looked at power in relationships from a “Power Over” perspective.  How we use coercion and force to get our way.  In...
nurtured heart approach

Karpman’s Triangle – The Dragon, The Princess & The Knight

Most people I encounter want a fun, loving, respectful relationship. I ask myself, how many of us have had healthy relationships consistently modeled to...
pregnant couple Maui

Which Love Language Do You Speak?

A friend of mine raves about a book written by author and marriage counselor Dr Gary Chapman titled; Five Love Languages. The premise is...
the four agreements relationships

The Four Agreements

“Everything we do is based on agreements we have made - agreements with ourselves, with other people, with life. But the most important agreements...
Heaven on earth relationships

It Can Be Heaven on Earth

Every relationship is different as every person is different, with diverse attributes and personalities, that when combined together can lead to a myriad of...
parenting new child Marie fitzsimons

And then there were THREE

How do you gracefully transition from being single, or being a couple, to being a family? How do you bring another human being into...
personal responsibility Mauimama

Personal Responsibility

How much personal responsibility do we take in our relationships? Do we take 50% responsibility when there are two people involved? 25% when there are...
gardenia what is love

What is LOVE?

Love is our natural state of being. We can give love away, share it, and it constantly replenishes itself. It is simply impossible to ‘run...
multiple truths understanding life

Multiple Truths

The universe is vast. We are immersed in an environment so rich that we cannot possibly manage to absorb it all at once. We...
Christina DeHoff

Creating Our Reality

Here is a wee Native American legend that I just heard for the first time: An old Cherokee was teaching his Grandson about life: “A terrible...
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