Organic spray tan Maui

Busy Mamas Deserve to Glow!

A luxury salon experience with the convenience of delivery? Yes please. Sign me up! As moms we have busy schedules, but indulging in some me-time...
holistic healing homeopathic mother's medicine kit

Homeopathic Essentials for Mama’s Medicine Cabinet

Homeopathy is founded on the idea that ‘likes cure likes’. Through a complex process of dilution a remedy is created by using a substance,...
Jaborandi homeopathic ABC

J is for Jaborandi

Jaborandi is the tenth letter of the alphabet in our series of ABC’s of homeopathy for Mauimama magazine. Jab. is the abbreviation used in...
Essential oils benefits

Essential Oils: Emotional and Physical Support for You & Your Family

Essential oils are simple aromatic chemical compounds taken from the roots, stems, bark, leaves, and flowers of plants.  These oils protect plants from environmental...
straight teeth invisalign

Straight Teeth Are Not Just For Looks!

Nice teeth can make for a great smile, but there are many other reasons for correcting crooked or misaligned teeth. Over time misaligned teeth wear...
Arnica benefits

A is for Arnica Montana

This is the first installment for The Mauimama’s ABC’s of Homeopathy for Parents and children’s home healthcare. In this series we will explore a...
women OSAS

1 in 4 women are at risk for OSAS

Moms already have to battle sleep deprivations, with night-time feedings and little ones restlessness throughout the small hours, but many women also suffer from...
Benefits of belladonna

B is for Belladonna

Belladonna is our second remedy in The Mauimama’s series,  ABC’s of Homeopathy for Acute Home Healthcare for you and your family. Long known to...
Ledum Palustre

L is for Ledum Palustre

L is the twelfth letter of the alphabet in our Mauimama series of ABC’s of homeopathy for mothers and children and is for Ledum...
Chamomilla homeopathy

C is for Chamomilla

Happy New Year! Chamomilla is our third remedy in The Mauimama’s series, ABC’s of Homeopathy for Acute Home Healthcare for you and your family....
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