cell phone radiation children brains

Disconnect: Cell Phone Radiation & Little Brains

Disconnect: Cell Phone Radiation & Little Brains - I didn’t want a cell phone. I must have been the last of my friends to...
decrease chemical exposure

Decrease Your Chemical Exposure

Did you know there are approximately nine million chemicals in the world? Many of these chemicals are in our food, drinks and body care...
Jenny Bissel Maui Health

Pesticide Exposure in Children

“Pesticides and children are a dangerous combination and the effects of pesticides on children will last a lifetime of physical and mental health problems....
Keiki GMO Monsanto

GMOs & What We Can Do As Mothers!

As a mother of a beautiful little girl, and a resident of this beautiful island, few things worry me more than Genetically Modified Organisms...
future thinking green

Future Thinking Clean

Celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd is a good time to reflect that OUR EARTH’S POPULATION HAS DOUBLED IN LESS THAN 60 YEARS! Did...
Backing up data computer

Backing Up Your Data

There are many important things happening in our lives everyday. There are errands to run, kids to take care of, meals to prepare, and...
DIY cleaning essential oils

DIY Green Cleaning with Essential Oils

Green cleaning is an environment-friendly way to detoxify the home. Recently I discovered adding essential oils to my do it yourself (DIY) cleaning recipes....
cloth diapers Mauimama

The New Era of Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapers are by no means a new thing, but they have evolved fantastically over just the past decade. I remember watching my mom...
Cloth diapers Mauimama

The New Era of Cloth Diapering, Part II

It’s crazy, but I am still enjoying cloth diapering after ten years! In the beginning, all the different brands were overwhelming. I got frustrated; buying...
cloth diapers Mauimama

The New Era of Cloth Diapering, Part III

As more parents look for natural and organic alternative for their baby, the cloth diaper options and designs have multiplied! Here’s a list of terms...
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