Gotel The Big U

The Fabulous Snow Shoes

Once there was a young man who lived in a valley and went about his life happily, until one day the great snows came...
Toxic Home Tips

Tips to Lighten the Toxic Load in Your Home

We are the gatekeepers of our home. Parenthood is the fast lane for learning all the ways to support and protect our children. Making...
change breath jungle waterfall

Atmo Systems – Atmospheric Drinking Water!

The world of water has dramatically changed in the last two decades! The major reasons for this are water shortages, contamination, and...
Kokua Diaper Maui

Mālama ʻāina, One Diaper at a Time!

Like most expecting parents, there were many questions and decisions to make before our baby was born - doctor or mid-wife; hospital...
Wake Self


“Andy ‘Wake Self’ Martinez died November 5, 2019 after being hit by a drunk driver two days prior. He was 30 years...
sensitive empath tools

Sensitive? How to lighten the load Part 1

If you are sensitive or empathic, it’s likely you’re very aware of other people’s energies, and may even take on their thoughts...
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