Gotel The Big U

The Fabulous Snow Shoes

Once there was a young man who lived in a valley and went about his life happily, until one day the great snows came...
Crone women leading

Crone, Take OFF your Veil!

The Crone is a woman who no longer menstruates physically, she is now a fully embodied wise woman. With many moons behind her and...
Raspberry leaf tea

Utilize Mother Nature’s Gifts ~ Raspberry Leaf Tea

I truly believe that the only way to guarantee a healthy mom and baby is to utilize Mother Nature’s gifts. There are many wonderful...
Harriet Witt moon


Our power as women is rooted in our moon’s moonthly orbit around us. Originally our calendar months were actual moonths -the time our moon...
Vaccines, Tylenol & Childhood Disorders

Vaccines, Tylenol & Childhood Disorders

In 2015 California governor Brown signed bill SB277, which was the strictest vaccine mandate in the entire U.S. The bill stated every child must...
Safe family products

What Products are Safe for You and your Family?

Recently in the news, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) was officially ordered to pay $72 million in damages to the family of a woman whose...
island baby bug spray

Mosquito Bites or Chemicals? Neither! ~ Island Baby Bug Spray

Nobody likes mosquito bites. They can be a nasty nuisance, itch, create open sores if scratched too much, cosmetically unsightly, or even transmit diseases...
head lice nit free ukus

Natural Remedies for Head Lice

How to deal with ukus (head lice) without chemicals.
cell phone radiation children brains

Disconnect: Cell Phone Radiation & Little Brains

Disconnect: Cell Phone Radiation & Little Brains - I didn’t want a cell phone. I must have been the last of my friends to...
decrease chemical exposure

Decrease Your Chemical Exposure

Did you know there are approximately nine million chemicals in the world? Many of these chemicals are in our food, drinks and body care...
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