Drosera Homeopathy

D is for Drosera

Drosera rotundifolia is also known as the round-leaved Sundew and belongs to the Droseraceae family, a family of insectivorous plants found growing in Europe...
Ledum Palustre

L is for Ledum Palustre

L is the twelfth letter of the alphabet in our Mauimama series of ABC’s of homeopathy for mothers and children and is for Ledum...
Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Working as a teacher in the alternative education niche for the last 13 years has taught me a lot about myself, humanity,...
Maui soccer league

Soccer Season

For a lot of European and South /Central American transplants football (or soccer) is something that is as important as sleeping, eating and breathing....
harmonyum brain rewiring

Rewiring the Brain with Harmonyum

There’s a great song about falling in love by Icelandic singer Bjork called “It’s Oh So Quiet”. Have you heard it? She...
Ipecacuanha homeopathic

I is for Ipecacuanha

Ipecacuanha is the ninth letter in our series ABC’s of Homeopathy for The Mauimama. Ipecacuanha’s abbreviation is Ip. Ipecacuanha is made from the dried root...
Chamomilla homeopathy

C is for Chamomilla

Happy New Year! Chamomilla is our third remedy in The Mauimama’s series, ABC’s of Homeopathy for Acute Home Healthcare for you and your family....
Maui healthy restaurants

Maui Healthy Eating while OUT & ABOUT with Keiki

Choice Bar is a regular ‘Aipono Restaurant Award winner that hand-select the finest organic produce grown on Maui. They can be found in three...
Sourdough biscuit recipe

The Culture of Sourdough ~ including an Amazing Sourdough Biscuit Recipe

Sourdough starters have become a “thing” lately, in this ‘Time of Corona’ when dry yeast has become in short supply. Maui overnight...
Ferrum Phos fevers

F is for Ferrum Phosphoricum

F is for Ferrum phosphoricum, the sixth letter of the alphabet in our series of Homeopathic ABCs for The Mauimama. A-E can be found...
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