gardenia what is love

What is LOVE?

Love is our natural state of being. We can give love away, share it, and it constantly replenishes itself. It is simply impossible to ‘run...
ultimate freedom Baldwin beach

Essential No. 6: Trusting Fully – Ultimate Freedom

“We’re never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy”. Walter...
embracing authenticity know yourself

Essential No. 7: Living Abundant – Attracting Plentifulness

The seventh Essential introduces living abundant - attracting plentifulness. “Abundance” as an energetic-vibrational state of being; a place to come from, rather than a...
Christina DeHoff inspired surrender

Our Outer World can be a Reflection of our Inner World

Our outer world can be a reflection of our inner world. What happens in our life is a reflection of our thoughts. Through moving...
Kula lavender holistic herbs

Inhaling the Healing Power of Plants

Essential oils, can be your savior this time of year helping the body during the cold season and during our voggy and/or cane burning days.
amber necklace teething

The Power of Natural Baltic Amber

The benefits of wearing amber, especially amber teething necklaces for babies.
meditations mom sa ta na ma

Meditations for Moms or Sa Ta Na Ma

I know the measure of my heart, for I have ripped it out of my chest, planted it in the Earth, and watched it bear pomegranates.
decrease chemical exposure

Decrease Your Chemical Exposure

Did you know there are approximately nine million chemicals in the world? Many of these chemicals are in our food, drinks and body care...
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