Healing from stress

Healing from Stress

Healing from stress is one of the most poignant topics of today – why? In our society, stress and anxiety are very...
savage Kitchen app

The Savage Kitchen App ~ Putting Invasive Edibles on the Map!

As we all recently navigate the changing landscape of education, we’re faced with choices of how technology plays into our children’s learning....
safe pregnancy birth

Your Gut Microbiome & Immunity

A hidden world of microorganisms inhabits the distant ends of your digestive tract, remotely dictating your mood, immune system, hormone levels, the...

Strength in Motherhood – FIT4MOMS Maui

Mothers are the heartbeat of their families and the community. However, the transition into motherhood can often leave a mama feeling alone,...
Grief funeral children

A Child at a Funeral

Today I facilitated a funeral at a cemetery in Makawao. It was for a member of our community who was a naturopath...
Vegan mushroom soup

The Magic of Mushrooms plus a Creamy Mushroom Soup Recipe

When it comes to creepy looking plants fungi might be up there with the creepiest. But, fungi and especially mushrooms are remarkable...
sensitive empath tools

Sensitive? How to lighten the load Part 1

If you are sensitive or empathic, it’s likely you’re very aware of other people’s energies, and may even take on their thoughts...
Sourdough biscuit recipe

The Culture of Sourdough ~ including an Amazing Sourdough Biscuit Recipe

Sourdough starters have become a “thing” lately, in this ‘Time of Corona’ when dry yeast has become in short supply. Maui overnight...
Cooking with kids

Thyme to Cook with your Kids

With our kids potentially home for the summer and possibly into the fall, what better way to engage them than to get...
Keeping Children Healthy COVID-19

Keeping Children Healthy During COVID-19

At the time of writing only 5% of the 640 reported Hawaiian COVID-19 cases have been age 19 and under. This is...
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