getting out the door

How to Get Out of the Door in the Morning

First of all, let me be the first to admit that I am the absolute last person who should be writing this article. My...
Guidance Inner wisdom

Inner Wisdom

We are born little mammals. Like dolphins and whales, cats and dogs, cows and horses. We birth live young who nurse at our breasts...
Homemaker renaissance mother

Renaissance Homemakers Unite!

With every new babe born each family has an opportunity to create meaningful traditions or rituals in their daily life. We can examine our...

Tips for a Working Mom

Marissa Mayer was recently hired as the Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo. In addition to being a hard working, tech-savvy executive, she is also...
inner child Mauimama

Mothering Your Inner Child

Reflecting on Mother’s Day, I want to talk about mothering ourselves as a way to become a better parent. As mothers, we do our...
sourcing parent within

Sourcing the Parent Within: Nourishing Yourself

We live in a fast paced world, even on Maui. I know many moms, both stay at home moms, and working moms that find...
Parenting cycles

Sourcing the Parent Within: My Mother/Myself

Facing old images is a perpetual opportunity for growth when parenting. “ I’ll never be like my mother!” Sound familiar? After I had my...
letting go sourcing parent within

Sourcing the Parent Within: Letting Go

Children do not come with an owner's manual. Sometimes instincts can be all we need, but it is our instinct to grow that is...
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