Homemaker renaissance mother

Renaissance Homemakers Unite!

With every new babe born each family has an opportunity to create meaningful traditions or rituals in their daily life. We can examine our...
Guidance Inner wisdom

Inner Wisdom

We are born little mammals. Like dolphins and whales, cats and dogs, cows and horses. We birth live young who nurse at our breasts...
getting out the door

How to Get Out of the Door in the Morning

First of all, let me be the first to admit that I am the absolute last person who should be writing this article. My...
Guilty mom complex

Guilty Mom Complex

You know that awful feeling that creeps in when you let your children watch an extra 20 minutes of TV, or when you slip...
The Tao of motherhood

Q & A with the author of The Tao of Motherhood

What do you feel is the most challenging part of being a mom? What does the Tao say about that specific challenge? I believe the...
Bathroom rules Kids

Mommy’s Top 10 Rules for the Bathroom

The following are Mommy’s top 10 rules for the bathroom: 1. If I go into the bathroom, close and lock the door, I have...
ADHD mama mother parenting

ADHD mama

I was a fairly normal child; well behaved, mildly shy with good grades. It wasn’t until I went to college that I realized my...
Mauimama heart wisdom

Heart Wisdom

A mother’s intuition is an astonishing phenomenon. Against all statistics, against all odds, against knowledgeable, expert advice, a mother can know what is best...
Haleakala sunset new opportunity

Happy New Opportunity

Happy New Day. New Moment. New Breath. New Opportunity. New Beginning. Welcome to the present moment, when everything is new, always. And now, and now and again now... Every...
Maui mother new baby love

Bone Love

Some days it feels like the eleventh hour at 1pm. Most days you go to sleep with the sensation of having been physically, mentally and...
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