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What’s the Difference Between an LLC and an S-Corp?

Starting a business, Maui Mama? If so, you may be considering forming a business entity. Accountants will tell you that a business entity may...
Maui babies in cloth diapers

Necessity is the Mother of Diaper Inventions

Momma Love Baby Maternity Boutique was something I envisioned years ago. I was pregnant with my now two year old girl, and I was...
Maui jewelry Volometal

Birth of Volo Metal

My love for art started at a young age and my father, who was an artist himself, encouraged me in every creative area I...
future thinking green

Future Thinking Clean

Celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd is a good time to reflect that OUR EARTH’S POPULATION HAS DOUBLED IN LESS THAN 60 YEARS! Did...

Tips for a Working Mom

Marissa Mayer was recently hired as the Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo. In addition to being a hard working, tech-savvy executive, she is also...
Maui Maternity Silhouette

Momma Love Baby Maternity Boutique

A local traveling boutique that can help you with maternity wear and cloth diapers.
stretch marks solution

A Maui Mama’s Stretch Mark Solution

A local mother makes a balm to help prevent stretch marks with the aid from Calendula extract.
laughter best medicine

Laughter is the best Medicine!

We’ve ALL been there: Frustrations at work, your family not understanding you, kids with attitude, the boss yelling at you, miscommunications, and rude strangers...
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