Maui Goddess Project

Maui Goddess Project

The Maui Goddess Project was born simply to empower women, by showing them just how beautiful they truly are. As a mother of two...
Stephanie Clifton Art

Today I Will Treat YOU with the Utmost Respect

I Love and Honor my Body... my Transport. I Listen to its needs. I Know when it’s in danger. This is my Soul Responsibility. I am Grateful for...
Christina DeHoff

Capturing Visions of Goddess Wisdom

I am woman and the strong feminine appears to be the focus of much of the art that comes through me. My name is...
Maui heart coral

Allowing Ourselves to BREATHE

“…In the unlikely event of a decrease in cabin pressure, your mask will drop down in front of you. Please be sure to secure...
women teaching women

Women Teaching Women

There is something magical that happens when women get together in a real and authentic way. Women want a place to come together to...
YMCA Maui classes mother

90 minutes at the “Y” Saved Me

I owe my sanity and well being to the YMCA. Lucky for me, two caring moms stopped me to tell me how joining the...
Mother's Day spa Maui

SPA MAMA at the Seabury Hall Craft Fair!

The Seabury Hall Craft Fair is hands down one of the best places on the island to find and choose a beautiful gift for...
Island Art Party

ISLAND ART PARTY ~ Mommy’s Time Out

That day ~ you know the one... when you didn’t do her hair right... you put him in the wrong blue shirt... you made...
Paragon pamper Mauimama

Pamper is not just a brand of diaper!

“Take care of yourself first Carrie”, this was a client’s advice to me when I was very pregnant with my first child. I looked...
Home made products natural beauty

Home Made Natural Beauty Products

The following are a few fun and easy natural concoctions we can make to nurture our skin and bodies all natural and chemical FREE! Honey-Avocado...
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