breastfeeding work

Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work

World Breastfeeding Week is the first week in August and this year’s theme is: “Breastfeeding and Work- Let’s Make it Work.” I asked our...
breastfeeding basics

The Breastfeeding Basics

Congratulations on deciding to breastfeed! It is a learned skill and gets easier with practice. It is an amazing way to bond with your...
Breastfeeding latching problems

Unexpected Breastfeeding Obstacles

When I gave birth to my son, I was 22 and entirely naïve about having a baby. This served me well in some ways,...
La Leche League International - Maui Chapter

La Leche League International – Maui

La Leche League International (LLLI) was first established 58 years ago by seven new mothers who wanted to promote, encourage and support one another’s...
baby-led weening breastfeeding

Baby-Led Weaning

Weaning can be a natural process…Ideally it should be a mutual agreement between a mother and her baby/child, when the time is right. No...
breastfeeding milk production

Got Milk? – How to increase your milk supply

“I don’t have enough milk” is a common concern I hear from mothers. It’s an understandable worry, between the frequent baby weight checks that...
Breastfeeding support advice

Breastfeeding Advice for New Moms

The following is great breastfeeding advice for new moms from Maui breastfeeding mamas: It was very painful to nurse my baby at first because of...
Breastfeeding 101 lactation nutrition

Breastfeeding 101

The decision to breastfeed your infant is one that will stay with your child long after the first year or two of life. In...
breastfeeding increase IQ

Mastitis signs and relief

“The mastitis happened after my first whole entire day out after giving birth. I had gone to the west side, with Kimbra, Ryan and...
breastfeeding WIC Maui

WIC Breastfeeding Support on Maui

Where do you go for breastfeeding information when you are pregnant on Maui? What about breastfeeding support or help after you deliver? Have you...
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