motherhood nature cats

Tale of Two Cats

When we first moved to Arkansas, we lived in a small trailer on 32 acres of woodland. The people who sold us the home...
stretch marks solution

A Maui Mama’s Stretch Mark Solution

A local mother makes a balm to help prevent stretch marks with the aid from Calendula extract.
Simply Clean Maui

Simply Clean Maui

I have always loved to be in a clean, organized home. I find that it is very peaceful, calming and allows for...
Day Care Maui PATCH

Start Your Own Day Care Business with Help from PATCH

Becoming a Licensed Family Childcare Provider allows you to work from home while being a positive influence in the lives of children, families and...
business sales tips

Say “Aloha” to the Monday Blues…

Mondays are a great day to forgive yourself of last week’s business sins, breathe new life into your business and nurture existing...
Mother's Day spa Maui

SPA MAMA at the Seabury Hall Craft Fair!

The Seabury Hall Craft Fair is hands down one of the best places on the island to find and choose a beautiful gift for...
business sales tips

3 Effective Sales Tools for Business Owners

As a business owner with limited resources and time, capturing market share and generating revenue in any space takes time, and that...
Maui mother journey

You CAN Come Home Again

After eighteen long years and the many twists and turns of this life I finally found my way back home to Maui. When the...
Maui women entrepeneurs

Tools to Help you Excel as a Mom Entrepreneur

Mother to mother, let’s be real - we have so much to do in a day that trying to even explain it...
change breath jungle waterfall

Mamas, Fill Your Cup!

Mamas, I see you. I see how hard you work to prepare for your little one. I see you gathering clothes and blankets and...
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