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The Witching Hour

Dear Aunty Tina, I have a 2 month old son who gets REALLY fussy around sunset, sometimes he will cry for two hours! Is...
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Infant Jaundice

Dear Aunty Tina, Is there a chance my baby could be born with infant  jaundice? If your baby is born prematurely there is a good...
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The Baby Whisperer!

Learning to read your baby’s cues so you know what they need.
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The Joys of Getting Out of the House with a Newborn?

This article is for any of you brand new parents, mothers in particular, who feel the ‘itch’ to get out because you have seriously...
circumcision circumcise newborn Maui

Why Circumcise?

The oldest documented evidence for circumcision can be found in ancient Egypt where circumcision was common among ancient Semitic people. The earliest roots can...
soothing newborn crying baby

How to Soothe and Calm a Crying Baby

When I was a television producer for Lifetime Television, I had a guest pediatrician on one of my shows that showed us how to...
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The Foreskinny on Circumcision

Last month I was selling the idea of getting your nuts cut a la vasectomy. Strangely some of my close friends have had testicular...
Imua newborn hearing home birth

Imua Providing Newborn Hearing Screening to Homebirths

At the end of 2012, Imua Family Services entered into a new contract with the Hawai`i Department of Health Newborn Hearing Screening Program to...
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