Child development

Early Childhood Development

I’d like to share a story with you which changed the way I taught at preschool and characterizes early childhood development. 
Brain development baby

Boosting Brain Development in the Early Years

A brain is an amazing thing. It is our command center and creator of our complex thoughts. Our brain contains more than...
Neurocognitive Behavioral Approach

Neurocognitive Behavioral Approach

It can be frustrating at times not knowing which approach to take in relation to a child’s needs, wants and behaviors. Anything...
Hawaii education DOE

Is the Hawaii DOE Broken?

Is the Hawaii DOE broken? That depends on who you speak to. 180,000 students are fed and taught within the Hawaii DOE system, which...
reading learning phonetics

Reading Beyond Phonetics

When a child knows a word they don’t have to sound it out, they just know what it is by visually seeing it. These...
Craniosacral therapy baby

3 Simple Ways to Bond with your Baby

Baby Massage A few years before I had my first child I read, ‘The God of Small Things’ by Arundhati Roy. It is a great...

Ke Kula ‘o Pi’ilani – A little School making a Big...

While Hawaiian immersion education programs are celebrating their 30th year, one Maui school is taking things to another level. Founded in 2016 by Kumu...
Maui middle school charter

NEW Upcountry Charter Middle School could be on the Horizon

In today’s changing world we are getting busier by the minute. Children are growing way too quickly with barely a moment to pause and...
Synergetic Play therapy

The Brilliance of your Child’s Nervous System

All smiles, three-year-old Lilly is calm and playful as mom searches through the grocery store isles. One more stop to make before heading home....
school parenting students

Parent Involvement = Student Achievement

It’s no secret: parent involvement equals student achievement. Effectively engaged parents can be transformational in the life of a school and in their child’s...
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