meditations mom sa ta na ma

Meditations for Moms or Sa Ta Na Ma

I know the measure of my heart, for I have ripped it out of my chest, planted it in the Earth, and watched it bear pomegranates.
decrease chemical exposure

Decrease Your Chemical Exposure

Did you know there are approximately nine million chemicals in the world? Many of these chemicals are in our food, drinks and body care...
Look listen stop conscious parenting

Look, Listen and Open

Two young women recently came in contact with me and asked, “Liz, we know you have studied human development your whole adult life. What...
letting go sourcing parent within

Sourcing the Parent Within: Letting Go

Children do not come with an owner's manual. Sometimes instincts can be all we need, but it is our instinct to grow that is...
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Postpartum Depression

Dear Aunty Tina, I had a baby 6 weeks ago but don’t feel the Mama Bliss I read so much about. Instead I feel...
gastrsochisis Monsanto Kauai Madison

Kauai Mama Shares her Story with Gastroschisis

A mama shares her story about giving birth to her baby with a congenital defect. She believes this is a result from her exposure to atrazine, a chemical sprayed in large quantities in Kauai.
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