Bamboo forest Maui

10 affordable things to do with kids on Maui

10 affordable things to do with the kids on Maui- 1. Penguin visit at the Hyatt-Kaanapali Hotel: 2. Maui Mall Fountains: For my kids, this...
healing fatherhood Mauimama

Witnessing the Healing of Fatherhood

I was not island born, however, my husband was. Growing up on Maui is different from where I grew up. I have learned this...
circumcision Maui surfer

The Foreskinny on Circumcision

Last month I was selling the idea of getting your nuts cut a la vasectomy. Strangely some of my close friends have had testicular...

Benefits of Baby Wearing

After I gave birth to my son, I soon realized how badly I wanted to put him back in my belly. Not that I...
Maui mother new baby love

Bone Love

Some days it feels like the eleventh hour at 1pm. Most days you go to sleep with the sensation of having been physically, mentally and...
Maui dentist Trace Baxter

How Do I Get My Child to Like Getting Their Teeth...

How do I get my child to like getting their teeth brushed? - Start early. Even before the first tooth comes in. After nursing your...
Christina DeHoff inspired surrender

Our Outer World can be a Reflection of our Inner World

Our outer world can be a reflection of our inner world. What happens in our life is a reflection of our thoughts. Through moving...
Kula lavender holistic herbs

Inhaling the Healing Power of Plants

Essential oils, can be your savior this time of year helping the body during the cold season and during our voggy and/or cane burning days.
amber necklace teething

The Power of Natural Baltic Amber

The benefits of wearing amber, especially amber teething necklaces for babies.
Big Island Hawaii

What the VOG!

The Hawaiian chain was created by the earth’s crust moving over a hotspot on the earth’s mantle. The Pacific plate moves at about 32...
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