Ayurvedic Pregnancy nutrition

7 Ayurvedic Pregnancy Tips

According to Ayurveda, the ancient healing system of India, pregnancy and giving birth can be the most rejuvenating time in a women’s life. Here...
baby-led weening breastfeeding

Baby-Led Weaning

Weaning can be a natural process…Ideally it should be a mutual agreement between a mother and her baby/child, when the time is right. No...
Child development music brain

The Baby Mozart Hype

I will admit I believed all the hype about the supposed baby “Mozart effect,” that is, that listening to classical music helps to develop...
boisterous play child development

Why Boisterous Play Can Be Essential to Child Development

When kids are rough housing, we as parents often stop it incase someone gets hurt or it looks too violent, but this play can...
Mauimama recipe mock chicken tofu

It’s a Nutritional Yeast Thing (Recipe)

I think the nutritional yeast love affair started shortly after I got pregnant. I was doing some research on which foods were good to...
feeding time children baby

Feeding a Baby or Hit the Decks… It’s Feeding Time!

Feeding a baby can be one of the funniest, messiest, frustrating, worrying experiences in early parenting - depending on how you approach it. The age...
personal responsibility Mauimama

Personal Responsibility

How much personal responsibility do we take in our relationships? Do we take 50% responsibility when there are two people involved? 25% when there are...
gardenia what is love

What is LOVE?

Love is our natural state of being. We can give love away, share it, and it constantly replenishes itself. It is simply impossible to ‘run...
ultimate freedom Baldwin beach

Essential No. 6: Trusting Fully – Ultimate Freedom

“We’re never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy”. Walter...
embracing authenticity know yourself

Essential No. 7: Living Abundant – Attracting Plentifulness

The seventh Essential introduces living abundant - attracting plentifulness. “Abundance” as an energetic-vibrational state of being; a place to come from, rather than a...
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