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HTA and Virtual Classes: The Future of Learning

Hawaii Technology Acadamy
The forced shift to virtual instruction in response to the COVID-19 pandemic left schools across the nation scrambling to effectively deliver instruction to students of all ages and needs. Suddenly, parents were forced to take on the roles of teachers or facilitators, and everyone - students, parents, and teachers-had to adjust to online learning. For Hawaii Technology...

Hawaii Nature Center Summer Camp ~ Stepping Back in Nature 2020

Hawaii Nature Center summer camp 2020
The Hawaii Nature Center (HNC) has been serving the Maui community since 1991 with a hands-on, place-based learning approach to educate children and families about Hawaii’s unique and diverse environment. Their educational programs also promote and encourage stewardship and appreciation of our island’s natural resources. “For 29 years we have worked hard to fulfill our mission and...

Teach Your Keiki HOW to Manage & Process ANGER

kids anger management
Feeling angry is not wrong. Feelings are legitimate and when processed in a healthy way can help emotional growth and social development. Pain does not need to be destructive, internalized or shamed, it can be seen as an opportunity for growth and self-awareness. As parents we can teach by doing. The key is to learn how to...

The Best, and Safest Way to Hold Our Littles

Best way carry baby
Hey Mamas, what is one thing we all have in common (besides that we have littles)? We all spend hours carrying our children! Something so simple can really wreck havoc on our bodies if it is not done correctly. As we become tired, we tend to move into an anterior pelvic tilt, shifting forward,...

“I WAS Born to Birth a Baby”

birth home mauimama
When I first saw this photo of myself holding Ellee after her birth I was appalled. I was disappointed and almost disgusted with the way I looked. I had over stimulated my brain with images of birth and beautiful glowing Mothers, that I had an expectation of what I should’ve looked like.

Preparing for Postpartum During Pregnancy

safe pregnancy birth
Life with a newborn can be a pretty intense time, whether it is your first baby or your third, each baby and postpartum experience is different. This period can be described as a time of extremes: extreme love, extreme joy, extreme overwhelm, and extreme exhaustion. While adjusting to life with a baby has many unknowns, building your...

The Best Places on Maui to Take Your Tikes on Trikes

Maui kids biking
Makawao Forest Reserve: Up Pi’iholo Road and left after the zipline you will drive up a winding road to find a hidden gem up at the top. Makawao Forest Reserve is a great, cool spot for hiking, dog walking, horse riding and biking. The forest is both coniferous and deciduous that hums with the aroma of eucalyptus....

The Culture of Sourdough ~ including an Amazing Sourdough Biscuit Recipe

Sourdough biscuit recipe
Sourdough starters have become a “thing” lately, in this ‘Time of Corona’ when dry yeast has become in short supply. Maui overnight became ‘homesteaders’ - tending gardens, baking and cooking again, learning new survival skills, teaching their children to grow food, or make a loaf of sourdough bread.  Sourdough takes time to ferment so...

Thyme to Cook with your Kids

Cooking with kids
With our kids potentially home for the summer and possibly into the fall, what better way to engage them than to get them involved in the kitchen. I know this might sound like the last thing you want to do as it may seem... dare I say it... more work for you. But it doesn’t have to...

Keeping Children Healthy During COVID-19

Keeping Children Healthy COVID-19
At the time of writing only 5% of the 640 reported Hawaiian COVID-19 cases have been age 19 and under. This is relatively good news and we want to keep it this way or even lower. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published guidelines on how to keep our children healthy during these times....
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