Mauimama crowd funder

Why YOUCaring matters for The Mauimama

The Mauimama came out right at the time that I was becoming a mother. And now five years later I cannot imagine being a...
Maui Sunflowers Biodiesel

Maui Mamas Tour the Pacific Biodiesel Sunflower Farm

Fields of bright yellow sunflowers have been emerging from Maui’s central valley since Earth Day last year, a sight that’s become synonymous with Pacific...
grassroots maui

Grassroots Can Change the World!

Regardless of the form or cause, grassroots groups are the principal mechanism for changing societal systems that no longer work for its citizens. Don’t...
Maui vote #huli2018

Register to Vote Early #Huli2018

The African-American female voter brought it home when they voted in the 2017 Alabama elections. 98% showed up and voted against Roy Moore, the...
Amanda Eller found

We Love You Amanda!

Coming down from Haleakala after a morning hike to Rainbow Bridge, we listened to Trevor Hall’s song, “Haleakala.” Amanda introduced me to...
Maui Food Bank

Give Healthy to Maui Food Bank

Access to healthy foods is important to the health of Maui County. We are seeing the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease...
Smart Meters Hawaii

Are Smart Meters such a Smart Idea?

Smart meters are coming into your home if MECO/HEI has its way. I say “into” your home because, even though most utility meters are...
Regenerative farming Maui

Regenerative Agriculture, Pattern Literacy, and Raising Keiki

I’m a 55 year-old single mom raising a 12 year-old boy. Parenting is a joy, but it’s heartbreaking to raise a child in the...
Josh Green Hawaii

We Can’t Keep Leaving People Behind, It’s Not the Hawai`i Way!

As an emergency room physician I see it all. However, in recent years I’ve noticed that people who come to the emergency department for...
Seal of the of Hawaii

Coming SOON! A Bill to license Community Midwives in Hawai’i

For most Maui mamas, to carry, give birth, and nurture a baby within our society and community means to be tested, weighed, measured, poked...
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