Tropical plantation Maui activity

The Maui Tropical Plantation

The Maui Tropical Plantation sits on 60 acres at the foot of the beautiful West Maui Mountains.
Maui Ocean Center Maui activity

I Don’t Want To Fry My Baby!

When you have a newborn the sunny weather can make some of your activities challenging, that's when I discovered that the Maui Ocean Center was a great activity to do that limits sun exposure.
Maui family activity free bike path

Trucks, Planes & Bike Paths

Discover the bike path behind the airport which starts at sStable road and ends at Kanaha Beach Park.
baby swimming lessons Maui

How To Teach Your Baby To Swim

Babies can be taught to swim. I have experience teaching babies, children, and folks of all ages. I’ve had 3-month-old babies happily swim under...
kahili Maui family activity

Golf for Kids on Maui

The game of golf can teach a person many things about themselves such as patience, persistence, discipline, integrity, and humility. Learning to put a...
Maui girl gymnastics


My little boys love to rough and tumble, climb and jump, run and roll - so gymnastics was the perfect fit.  Gymnastics has so...
ballet Keiki Maui

Benefits of Dance Classes for Children

Do you find your keiki twirling, bopping, or shaking their hips around the house? Maybe you are considering enrolling them in a dance class?...
YMCA Youth camp Maui

Maui FULL TIME Summer Camps

Summer vacation is here, and if you have your children are normally in school, and you don’t have aunties who can help, you may...

Maui Adventures ~ Waihou Spring Forest Reserve

Yes, Waihou Spring Forest Reserve is the official name for Olinda Forest. Whatever name you know this area by, it is a great place...
Maui family activity Kealia ponds

Have You Seen the Ruddy Turnstone?

It only seems like yesterday that they built a boardwalk across the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, in between Ma’alaea and north Kihei, but...
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