Carden Maui education

1. What are the basic principles of your method of education?
The basic principles of the Carden method are to create a solid academic foundation, enrichment through the arts, and character education in a small, nurturing setting. It is a very balanced program that addresses the development of the whole child. The classroom faculty is responsible for the core academic curriculum, which includes Math, Science, Social Studies, and a classical English program. There are specialty enrichment faculty for instruction in Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Athletics, and Foreign Language.

2. How are accommodations made for students that are either accelerated or below their grade level?
The small class size (16 for the early elementary and 18 for the upper elementary and middle school grades) allows for individualized attention. The early elementary reading program is taught in small groups so that students learn and make progress at their level. The faculty are constantly assessing the progress of each student in their classroom and providing extra support or additional challenge as needed.

3. How is discipline handled?
The expectations for behavior school-wide and in each classroom are clear and consistent, so discipline issues are minimal. Within each classroom, there are different strategies that utilize positive reinforcement and consequences that are developmentally and age appropriate.

4. Do you have a financial aid program?
Carden has a need-based tuition assistance program and approximately 15% of students receive financial assistance. Families apply though a third party (FACTS tuition aid) that collects and analyzes financial data.

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