BellyLuv Bands and C Section Recovery Kit:Best Postpartum care tip!

Move easily and compress tummy to feel great.

c section and breastfeeding with belly band
c section and breastfeeding with belly band

Pregnancy and childbirth are a journey, sometimes the unexpected happens like an Emergency Cesarean and you need a product like the C Section Recovery Kit so that aftercare at home is easier; that is why BellyLuv bands and the C Section Recovery Kit with a Massage DVD has been created, its the best Hospital bag tip and gift for the new mom. After an intense labor, I ended up as an emergency  C Section. My experience with my Hospital stay and my own 20 years as a massage therapist launched this product so that I could help others become educated with the tools and options in maternity healing. Having a baby is an intense experience and being in pain after surgery doesn’t help. Moving,walking,laughing,holding and feeding baby are the priority and Belly Luv and the C Section Recovery Kit provide the soft cotton belly bands to get your support. Remind your tummy where to go and get back into your prepreggie jeans more quickly, and if you feel better chances are you will be happier.

Massage and Belly Bands for best results!

I realized that my experience was my own unique gift I can bring forth to all people to walk and move more easily manage pain, help model the scar and help the body align after a surgery,like a C Section or hysterectomy. The C Section Recovery Kit combines the powerful yet simple techniques of binding, massage and skin brushing to foster the best possible recovery from surgery, vaginal childbirth and compliments the Physicians care. BellyLuv bands has a comfortable binder that adjusts easily. It has a unique strap that can be used across the front or back of the body.

Tips for a better C Section Surgery:

If you are having a vaginal birth discuss the use of a binder to support your body to recover more easily. Ask your Doctor to do the best surgery they can if a vaginal birth is not possible, as a horizontal incision on the uterus allows for a better chance at a future VBAC.  Have the Dr use a C Safe Scalpel to reduce chances of baby being cut during surgery. Request that ALL 6 layers be sutured, a hemostat used and glue applied to the outside skin layer. It is a widely known fact that 50% of all Obstetricians do NOT close all the layers they incise, often skipping the peritoneal sac, creating an opportunity for scar tissue to grow into the organs. Scar tissue removal after abdominal surgery costs the US up to $1 billion a year. It is important to reduce secondary complications, such as bowel obstruction, bladder issues and abdominal adhesions. If I could do it over again, I would also not allow the baby to be vacuumed, it is very traumatizing and can hurt the baby, we both got PTSD.

Once people get used to taking care of themselves, and tuning in, they find that it allows them to feel better so they can stay present for the needs of the newborn, despite lack of sleep. There can be a preconception that motherhood creates a Superwoman persona, who can manage childbirth, breastfeeding, household chores, and family all on eating and breathing alone! Maui Healing Kits was created to help keep the joy flowing with information and practical tools for self care.

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