Chamomilla homeopathy

Happy New Year! Chamomilla is our third remedy in The Mauimama’s series, ABC’s of Homeopathy for Acute Home Healthcare for you and your family. You can find A (Arnica Montana) and B (Belladonna) in the Holistic Health section or under the issues 44 and 45.

Homeopathic Chamomilla (Cham), like the name suggests, is derived from the chamomile plant which has daisy like flowers and belongs to the Compositae family.

Chamomile has been used for medicinal purposes for millenniums dating back to ancient Egyptian times. Today it is a well-known herb used in herbal teas to aid in sleep and relaxation, while the essential oil is used extensively in skin care products to soothe and calm the skin.

The homeopathic Chamomilla remedy is known for its calming effect on anger, which is stemming from sensitivity to pain. Homeopath Frans Vermeulen, in her book Prisma, quotes the English Philosopher Francis Bacon, “No man is angry that feels not hurt himself.” This is a great summary of Chamomilla anger.

In ancient times the root of the plant was chewed to relieve tooth ache. Today the homeopathic Chamomilla is used to relieve toothache in children and teething pains in babies. Diarrhea with green stools may also be present with the teething pains. The Chamomilla baby needs to be carried and rocked which is very soothing to them. When put down they will cry until they are carried again. The cheeks can be red, a keynote being just one red cheek, sometimes with red spots. If you recognise these symptoms Chamomilla may be your homeopathic of choice.

As well as helping babies Chamomilla is also helpful for mothers and can be used during labor where there is severe unbearable pain with much irritability and anger. Chamomilla can also help with insomnia, which is present due to pain or anger or over stimulation of the nervous system. New mothers especially can be prone to having their nervous system over stimulated as they care for their baby around the clock.

With the colder, damper winter weather Chamomilla is good to have in your first aid kit as Chamomilla is indicated for coughs, which can be worst at night where the child may be coughing in their sleep and not waking up. This type of cough will be dry and tickling and if mucus is present it will taste bitter. Earache which is painful with unbearable, stitching, tearing and pressing pain can be also be soothed with Chamomilla.

For your baby who might be experiencing teething pains, teething gel with Chamomilla can be purchased at the health food store and Chamomilla 30c potency can be taken one dose every fifteen minutes for the first hour, then three times a day until symptoms are decreased.

Chamomilla is a great homeopathic to have at hand.

I wish you a very calm and soothing 2017.

Please note: Homeopathy is not intended to replace medical care and always consult your Doctor or Homeopath or Doctor if symptoms persist.

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Maria Knauer,CH.LMT.CHTP.DAS.BEO, is a graduate of the American Medical College of Homeopathy. Maria has over 20 years experience in the use if homeopathy and holistic healthcare. To contact Maria call 808-250-8560 or email


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