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A luxury salon experience with the convenience of delivery? Yes please. Sign me up!

As moms we have busy schedules, but indulging in some me-time is important. Karen Cooper, a Maui mama and founder of Glow On The Go Maui’s mobile spray tanning, provides her clients with a convenient and natural alternative to exposing our skin to the sun’s damaging UV rays, all within the convenience of our own homes. No, you will not be orange! The spray tan solution is derived from brown oxidized organic apples. It’s a golden brown sugar undertone without any chemical fumes, made with an already naturally occurring substance found in our skin called DHA. The tanning solution infuses with our skin cells to change the top layer, so when it starts to fade, it won’t be a streaky layer coming off, but will exfoliate naturally like our skin cells usually do.

Especially living on Maui, we all witness the damage the sun can have on our skin, leading to premature aging and on a more severe note skin cancer (malignant melanoma and carcinoma to name a few). Caring for our skin should be at the top of our to-do list.

Many of us also know that whatever we put on our skin our bodies absorb. So, avoiding creams and lotions with chemicals (especially ones known to be carcinogenic) is also high on the list.

With this said, we understand it’s not worth it to bake in the sun, yet most of us look and feel better with a glow and warmth to our skin. And many of us, who have various ranges of skin complaints, benefit from a tan as it masks rosacea, stretch marks, pigmentation issues, and scars.

Karen’s passion for helping others to feel and look their best, and her tanning experiences on Maui, inspired her to start her business Glow on The Go. For years Karen found it hard to find a salon on Maui with an organic product that gave the tone she was looking for and a tan that wasn’t ruined from the humidity. “I would sweat and it’d drip under my breasts and therefore ruin my tan! No one will return to a salon after ruining their investment before they even get home. That’s why I started the mobile tanning service.” Karen has created a business that arrives with a pop up tent containing all the spray, while allowing the client to dry in the AC and privacy of their home or hotel.

Her chemical free product and mobile service is becoming more and more popular around the island, with both men and women. Karen’s team, all trained professionals, create a natural and flawless glow to make her clients feel and look healthier. “They say if you can’t find anything to wear – it’s not your closet, it’s your skin!”

Karen is now thirty eight and had her first child last year. Raising her daughter and being an example to her is really important. “It’s imperative for me that I show her a strong, empowered woman, who does something fun and honorable for a living. She has to know that hard work and drive pays off when you use your resources,” Karen Cooper’s business has been steadily growing since she started in 2016.

“From cancer scares to expensive anti-aging products and procedures, I truly believe long exposure to the sun should be avoided! I spray tanned for years and use SPF and am very proud to have created the only safe (and easy no streaky) way to tan on the island. I am also very proud to be known as Maui’s #1 mobile tanning service.” This Maui Mama is here to keep you healthily glowing inside and out. She strongly believes that the safest and most convenient way to reach a healthy, bronzed, sun-kissed look is with Glow on The Go – Maui’s mobile spray tanning:)

You can treat yourself to this organic spray by booking directly on her website and have a healthy glow tonight! “It’s an amazing mobile & no mess experience.” You can also follow her on Facebook and get a 10 percent discount with a like!

Let’s start the year positively and help a Maui mama spread the news of her local business!

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