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As moms our first and most important job is raising our children. But so many of us need to help contribute to our family financially, desire working, or want an outlet for our ideas. Owning your own work from home business allows the opportunity to be home with your kids while making money. Maui has just been through a tremendously hard time with the recession. On the flip side, there is now a lot of opportunity for new businesses to step into the market place.

There are many types of businesses you can start from your kitchen table while staying home with your children or while maintaining your current job. Here some ideas:

Writing & Editing Services
Ever thought of writing articles for online companies? Articles are critical for companies’ online search engine optimization success. If you have good writing and editing skills, this is a business that can be done on your own time and from home. You can search for posted writing and editing jobs at sites like

Start a Green Cleaning Service
Devise a plan to create a green cleaning business. Use only chemical-free products. Do you have to go out and clean? Nope! You have to set up the business and devise the marketing plan. You can then hire out to do the cleaning. Or you can start by cleaning yourself and then grow to the point where you oversee operations and hire others to do the cleaning.

Purchase an Online Franchise
There are several online franchises now that you can buy into that let you be part of the franchise and work from home Simply Google Online Franchises. There are quite a few reputable ones to choose from now. Here is one company offering an online franchise opportunity with minimal investment.

Start a Drop Ship Online Ecommerce Business
A drop ship online business allows you to own and run an ecommerce business and not have to hold any inventory. You simply get an order, send it to the vendor, the vendor fills the order and sends it directly to the customer. An online business like this allows you to work from home, hold no inventory, and work in your own time. There are many industries to consider such as selling furniture, decor, gifts, monogrammed products or even an online baby boutique. Pure-Ecommerce offers complete ready to go ecommerce businesses allowing you to step into a complete ready to go Internet business and then have someone work with you one on one going over every aspect of setting up, running and growing the business. If you purchase a turnkey internet business it allows you to focus on learning how to run an ecommerce business versus spending the time and energy building one. You can view all of pure-ecommerce turnkey websites at Prices range from $3,500.00 to $6,900.00 with the opportunity to make a great income independently.

Blogging & Social Media
How do you make money from a blog? It definitely takes time but you build up a blog that has a high amount of traffic and followers. Eventually you can then sell advertising space or participate in affiliate marketing to make money! Being here in Hawaii would offer many the opportunities to blog about so many topics related to life & travel. You can set up a blog for free. Check out or to set up a blog at no charge!
Also nowadays so many small businesses and companies need people to work their social media accounts on a daily basis. You can attend several online social media training seminars. You don’t need a degree just the knowledge and know how!

So think about your skills! What can you offer to a small business, a family, or large corporation that you can do from home? Within the answer to that question may be your very own work from home business! The above opportunities allow you to get started quickly with very little initial investment.

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