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Bun burning exercises-

Time is precious moms. Lengthy workouts or getting to the gym aren’t always realistic. But, you may have the perfect work out buddy at home…your child. Try these exercises throughout the day. It gives you a few minutes here and there to burn some calories, connect with your child, and even begin to teach them words, numbers, and letters. Sing whatever variation of the song you know or remember. As with all exercise programs please consult with your doctor. Happy mother’s day!


“London ‘Bun Burning’ Bridge”

  1. Lie on your back with feet hips distance apart. Feet on the ground, knees pointed to the sky.
  2. Have your child sit on your hips.
  3. Contract your glutes and slowly lift him or her up for a ride.
  4. Stabilizing from your shoulders and core slowly lower back down.

“London Bridge”

As long as you’re singing you’ll naturally be breathing! Remember your child thinks you have the best singing voice ever!

London Bridge is (lift up)

falling down (low)

falling down (lower)

falling down. (lowest, still hovering)

London Bridge is  (lift up)

falling down. (lower)

My fair; awesome, super, happy, whatever you like; baby or baby’s name. (Give kisses or tickles).

Baby variation – Have baby rest head on your legs or lie down on tummy towards you.

Preschooler variation – Have child crawl under you.

Challenge – Lift one foot off the ground, keep pelvis level! Leg can even reach to an angle or to the sky but that pelvis must stay level and neutral.

Gentle – Roll through lower back peeling each vertebra off the ground to the base of your ribs or a place that feels safe. Think of rolling through where a tag would be in the back of your pants. Drawing pelvic floor and abs in like there’s a suction cup behind your belly button and you’re zipping up a tight pair of pants. As you lower articulate each vertebrae unraveling the spine, still holding on to your center.

Alignment Tips

  • Keep knees stacked over ankles.
  • Keep thighs parallel.
  • Keep spine, especially neck long.
  • Avoid holding weight into your neck, equally disperse weight through abs, butt, and legs.
  • Contract your glutes from the bottom of your bottom versus high on your rear near your sacrum.
  • Keep pelvis in neutral so the tailbone doesn’t over tuck or over arch the spine.

Image Credit: Little Love Photography

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