Bullying & Family Violence – “Do what I say — or else!” “I’ll give you something to cry about!”

Experiences during the early childhood years are important building blocks to help children develop skills that enable them to form healthy friendships and learn to reduce aggressive behaviors such as bullying (Hanish et al., 2004). In other words what children see and hear at a very young age leaves a deep impression. Bullying can begin at a very early stage. Parents can teach bullying behavior without even meaning to by their words and actions (domestic violence or overt child abuse-often in the guise of using punishment as a parenting technique).

A Center for Disease Control (CDC) study links bullying strongly with family violence. In the study bullies AND their victims reported being physically hurt by a family member or witnessing violence at home significantly more often than people who said they had not been bullied. Parents who take the time to learn about child development stages have reasonable expectations of their children and better coping tools to manage challenging behavior. PATCH Hawaii provides great FREE classes for parents and Childcare Providers. Feel free to call 242-9232 for more information.

Image Credit: Catherine Velasquez

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