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Keiki to the Polls is an all-day event hosted by the Maui’s Women’s March and The Mauimama, empowering women to vote in the November elections and educating the next generation on the importance of voting. Bring your keiki to the polls on Saturday, November 3, for the last day of early voting at the Wailuku Community Center on 395 Waena St.

In January 2017, 5 million people marched across the globe, launching an unprecedented new era of political activity. 22 months later, we are channeling that energy and activism of the women’s movement into voter-led change in 2018.

The Women’s March has always sought to uplift and amplify the voices of the most marginalized communities. The Mauimama has always strongly advocated for the needs of our Maui women and children. With “Keiki to the Polls”, these organizations are encouraging women to vote and bring with them the next generation to encourage their future involvement and empowerment! True democracy is one in which all people are able to engage in our political system.

They give 5 good reasons to bring your KEIKI TO THE POLLS!

  1. Voting is an important responsibility. Mayors, governors and state representatives decisions affect the quality of our everyday lives.

2. Voting shows kids that adults are working to make their world a better place, and are participating in a process we are fortunate to have.

3. When we take kids with us to vote, we teach them that they have the ability to change the world around them, to gain appreciation of all the basic rights of democracy, and that they have a voice that can be heard.

4. Very few kids make it through a trip to the voting booth without asking great questions. If you do not have all the answers (and who does?), research the answers together.

5. Voting teaches kids and teens to be change-makers. It demonstrates that you believe problems have solutions, and that the voting process consists of groups of people making decisions on how to generate those solutions.

The polls will be open 8am-4pm.

If you are not already registered to vote in the State of Hawaii you can register that day at the polls. To register and vote, you must be a U.S. Citizen, a Hawaii resident, and at least 18 years of age. If you are registering for the first time you need to bring with you proof of identification. This can include a current Hawaii Drivers License, Hawaii State ID, Military ID, passport or current utility bill, bank Statement, government check, paycheck or other government issued document showing name and address. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you require special assistance please call the Office of Elections at 808 453- VOTE (8683)

Bring your friends and family and celebrate democracy together. Remember you can vote for all nine councilmembers, whether or not you live in their district, and all state races on your ballot.

Participants are also encouraged to bring any non-voter to the polls to celebrate together women’s hard-earned right to vote!


Image Credit: Keiki to the Polls


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