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Mele Kalikimaka! I hope you have a really beautiful holiday season this year. As we get nearer to the winter solstice we give thanks for the darkness and all that it reveals. Here’s to having longer nights and fuller dreams where seeds can be planted ready to grow. And here’s to longer shadows that can be looked at and confronted. This Nov-Dec issue tackles some shadow subjects, trying to bring them into the light. With all that has been going on in the nation, and on Maui these last few months, I truly believe that things are not getting worse they are just getting revealed. It is time to shed the old way of thinking and step towards a more conscious way of existing.

This November will be a great indication of the collective consciousness. Here on Maui we have a clear choice between the status quo and a new direction of leadership. With large expanses of land use changing, crucial planning and development decisions made on Maui in the next 2-4 years will change the island forever. If you don’t step up and vote in these local elections you are pretty much saying that you don’t care or mind how Maui will look in twenty years. I strongly support candidates (see pages 6 & 7) who I believe will help preserve this island for my children and grandchildren. We have a great Green Party candidate and many new faces to politics who are stepping up to lead Maui towards a sustainable future. We have a clear choice to make.

Speaking of sustainable, after five years of producing The Mauimama my friend has finally convinced me to launch our first crowd-funder. With the rising costs of living on Maui, and the growth of the website, the extra support would be gratefully received. For the magazine to continue to be a community support I have to humbly admit that I need the community to support The Mauimama www.youcaring.com/themauimama. I stand behind the great work of this magazine and the positive changes it makes in our community. If every reader donated we could do this together!

Lots of Love, Kate x

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