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I hope you are having a great summer. This issue of The Mauimama is inspired by Breastfeeding Awareness Month and our education system. If you are raising children on Maui you know that this topic is the big elephant in the room. Our public system is restrained by a common curriculum and lacks funding while many of us lack the funds to afford a private education. Some families think it is so bad that they leave the island while others feel forced to homeschool.

Every school is different as is every teacher and every child. The trick is to find the best fit for your child and family and then try and make the best of it. Do your research! (See page 6-7) And get involved. We can volunteer in our child’s class, help fund raise for extra curriculums, get to know the staff and get involved. It really can make a difference for your child and for your own experience.

Education primarily starts at home. The more we can read with our children, play and get them interested in the arts and sciences, the better chance they have of thriving academically. It is exciting that we have new opportunities to engage our little ones with the Monkeypod Art Studio and Maui Science Center (See page 31).

It feels that summer is just beginning but August will be upon us before we know it. August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month, so in its honor I asked our experts and included articles to help new moms navigate this beautiful opportunity (see pages 20 and 21). And even though there may be challenges (see page 4) breastfeeding can be very rewarding for both you and your baby. The benefits far outweigh any initial discomfort.

Speaking of which, I hope the benefits of camping out in front of my computer for the last four months compiling, organizing, inputting, collecting photos, linking up and creating the best website I can for The Mauimama holds strong. It has been a huge labor of love that would not be possible without the help of Dayna Garland, Jack Walsh and the patience of my family. I am also very grateful for Meredith Richmond who helped with activity directories and calendar, Bene Lechrist who photographed all the recipes and all the amazing photographers and Maui mamas who shared their photos.

On July 15th (with a cancer new moon) I am launching Here you will find all the past issues, articles and Dear Aunty Tina, easily categorized. You will find directories of the parks with structures, or best beaches to take your little ones. We have compiled a birthing directory, post, prenatal, preschool & daycare directories, financial aid directory and so much more. It also hosts an online Marketplace (supporting local vendors) ~ taking The Mauimama to the next level ~ sharing our community spirit with the rest of the world. It will keep growing and hopefully serve our community and beyond! Enjoy!

Image Credit: Samantha Feyen

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