Breastfeeding support advice

The following is great breastfeeding advice for new moms from Maui breastfeeding mamas:

It was very painful to nurse my baby at first because of engorgement. After researching and trying all kinds of remedies, what surprisingly worked instantly, was Green Cabbage! Just chill half a cabbage in the fridge, (or freezer for a few minutes if you need it ASAP) then put on a comfy supportive bra like a sports bra and place the leaves of the cabbage until your breasts are fully covered. Leave it on until it warms from body temp, and then replace with more as needed. Works shockingly fast to relieve engorgement and pain, and feels great! Brittnee

Green drinks are great for us when we breastfeed. One of my favorite breastfeeding mama GREEN juice includes: 4oz Coconut Water, 1 Cucumber or 3-4 stalks Celery, Kale (handful), 1/2 Lemon, 1/2 inch fresh Ginger and 1 Apple. Maggie

I am breastfeeding not only for the nutrition and immunity factors, but also for bonding with my baby. Nursing my baby is the most peaceful time I have during the day (and night). Salma

I recommend a lot of pillows to help support you and the baby’s head in the first few weeks. This tip helped my back a lot in the beginning. I found my favorite position to breastfeed, once we had figured everything out, was actually to lie on my bed on my side. I look back with fond memories to this really beautiful loving time. I would also breastfeed comfortably and conspicuously out in public while carrying my baby in the Babyergo carrier. Kate

Mastitis*. It sounds like a scary infection – and it can be, if you’re me. I ended up having surgery on my left boob with a one month baby at home. All I know is that it’s a good thing I pumped and had a supply of breast milk in the freezer. For the next few weeks I had to go through the routine of draining a pouch that was connected to my left breast. Now you would think that this would deter me from ever breastfeeding again – wrong. I continued to breastfeed my daughter and did it again when I had my son. Keep on breastfeeding, but when in doubt, check it out! I have a battle scar that would convince you to do it. Trisha

Even though I had a few rough patches breastfeeding, the health benefits for our baby have been really rewarding. Our little girl has only been sick one time in her nine months. We save so much money by breastfeeding and her food is always conveniently ready and always with us. It’s a choice that worked perfect for our family April Encouraging and supporting mamas to breastfeed is a great way to bring down the cost of healthcare in this country. Healthier babies will become healthier adults and breast milk is FREE. Let’s spend some of the money that is spent on formula instead on healthy nutritious food for nursing mamas! Erin

The La Leche League International/Maui Group is here to help encourage and promote a better understanding of breastfeeding and related issues. The La Leche League International vision purpose is to help realize, deepen, support and share the love and wisdom found in the breastfeeding relationship. We meet up the fourth Thursday of every month and are looking forward to celebrating World Breastfeeding Month on August 22nd with a potluck and clothing/baby/maternity items swap. Please email me at for more details. One of my favorite La Leche League International Parenting Philosophies is: From infancy on, children need loving guidance which refl ects acceptance of their capabilities and sensitivity to their feelings. There are at least 101 reasons to breastfeed. Please come to La Leche League Meetings to find out more. The list of reasons is also found at this link on the internet and know you can email me anytime with concerns or questions at Mary Jane Bennett, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

*Mastitis, simply put is an infection of breast tissue. The milk duct becomes blocked, germs get in, the milk is “spoiled”, and the breast tissue becomes infected. See Aunty Tina’s response, issue 24 for ways to treat and prevent.

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