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The human brain weighs around three pounds and its consistency is close to that of a ripe avocado. With that said, it is the most complex and least understood organ of our body and indeed, the most complex structure in the universe. 100 trillion neural connections and synapses inhabit the cranial brain, and about 100 million neurotransmitters line our intestines, colloquially known as our second brain. To put that into perspective, the number of neural connections each of us have equal 1,000 times the number of stars in our galaxy! All things considered, this makes YOU the most interesting, complex being in our galaxy!

In evolutionary terms, our brains weren’t designed to move at the speeds we do and take such impact. With modern technology; cars and motorcycles for example, and the amount of sports injuries, falls, accidents, and sadly, physical abuse, our soft textured brains literally smash against the hard skull that protects it and hence, causes damage.

Oftentimes the impact is subtle and hard to pinpoint, though often there is a “change” in the personality, mood and/or behavior of the individual. Minor Traumatic Brain Injury, or MTBI – is a medical diagnosis characterized as a blow to the head without brain bleeding or scarring and is increasingly recognized by mental health professionals, medical doctors and neurologists. Unfortunately, they often send patients home after an accident with no answer as to how bad the damage is or how to heal the most complex system we know of.

Symptoms of traumatic brain Injury or TBI and MTBI may include emotional lability, amotivation, problems with focus and attention, energy loss, problems with self-expression including word-finding difficulties, cognitive delays, or markedly slower processing, speech deficits, sleeping issues, and a quick anger or aggression response. Many people suffering from brain damage, minor or otherwise can go for years not living out their true life’s capabilities and potential for happiness and success. Most are not even aware their past injuries are affecting their mood and behavior today.

Good news, there is a solution!

EEG Biofeedback (commonly known as Neurofeedback) is one of the only research-backed treatments for TBI and MTBI. Neurofeedback (NFB) works by showing the brain through auditory and visual information the intricacies of the functioning of your brain moment by moment. This vital information relays your brain’s neuronal firings and oscillations of electrical activity. Changes in physiology and natural bodily rhythms are used in the same way, feed-back to the individual to change long-held patterns of brainwave activity gone awry.

We use a learning technique through operant conditioning that is holistic, non-invasive and harmless through conditioning the brain, using electroencephalograph (EEG) data to stay in these targeted frequencies. The brain learns best by experience and feedback, the premise of neurofeedback. We give you the experience of your brain functioning at its most optimal level of performance and the feedback from auditory and visual cues to stay in these target frequencies. With each half-second, your neuronal activity is compared to your targets and the brain is rewarded when you meet your goal.

In twenty neurofeedback sessions, with feedback every half-second, you have 72,000 chances to learn! Through repetition and practice, the brain trains itself to stay in these “healthier” patterns long after neurofeedback training ends.

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