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How to bond with your baby and make money – these two concepts rarely go hand in hand.  The standard we are spoon fed is that you can bond with your baby OR make money.  Let’s imagine a reality where you are one hundred percent blessed. You spend the first years of your child’s life cuddling, snuggling, making faces, counting toes, and taking long luxurious walks along park paths or mountain trails.  You never think of unpaid bills or impending doom, ahem, I mean rent. Why is this? Why do you have no anxiety? No schedule? No late night shifts or bags under your eyes?

Because, you beat the standard. You overcame the common. You cracked the code: Self-sustaining abundance; self-generated, baby inspired and consciously created financial freedom. Okay. Sound impossible? Unrealistic? Maybe. Maybe I just like those words and phrases. I enjoy how they sound and feel, but what gets me really going is that baby time and money making are not mutually exclusive like we were led to believe.

Hear me out.

There is nothing like strategizing your own scenario to help you feel powerful and in control of your own existence. By this, I do not mean to drop baby at daycare or on unassuming Aunty Wonderful and high tail it to work. I am speaking about getting totally topsy-turvy with possibilities. Get creative. Get out of the box. Get dreaming and building. Let Desire dance fancy-free and foot loose with Practicality. What can come from totally disintegrating your pre-baby past? A brand new and fantastic post-baby future, one that you only dared to envision in your sleep. 

I am proposing that you bond with your baby in a new and fascinating way from the moment of conception all the way to the birth and beyond. Instead of compromising over and over again until it seems that you have given up your relationship with your child one lost hour at a time so that you can ‘make a living’, I want you to use those gentle moments, soft breaths, and sleepy snuggles to incubate your own dreams. Perhaps the way that your baby kicks, laughs, sparkles, toddles, cries, and coos is a source of inspiration for you and a budding business. It is 100% integration of baby and financial abundance that I am so jazzed on.

Some women, when they are pregnant, paint or draw or get into ceramics, or some such hobby where they feel an extension of inner creation to outward expression, but me? I had my mind in a whole other creative realm. How can I make money? How many fun, interesting, high energy, gracefully wonderful, super creative, fully expressive ways are there to stoke out my bank account? How can I do it on my own time, while I cuddle and love up my little one, while I am being a mother?

When I was home to my son, I didn’t want to go out into the world and be something different than what I was going to become, which was a mama. I wanted to be a mama at home, out there, inside, outside, every cell. I wanted to embody Motherhood and Parenthood at all times.

It was backed by this kind of food for thought that turned my visions of being my own boss into a reality.  I want to share a bit of it with you because perhaps you and I are similar. Perhaps you are about to become a mama and already have a swelling belly. Maybe you’re little one is just a glimmer in your eye somewhere off in the future, or perhaps he/she already walks among you. Wherever you are in your Mommydom, my experience, my thoughts, my hopes and dreams might help you along the way. I am not claiming to know all or even a third of this great mystery, but I am standing up and announcing that I am an expert when it comes to being me. I am an entrepreneur, writer, artisan, and mother, and perhaps my expertise in these things can help me help you.

Now that I have planted the seed, let’s continue in the next issue. How will you bond with your baby and make money? It is possible.

Image Credit: Maui Blessed Organics

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Ariana Cotardo is a mama, writer, artisan and entrepreneur that has resided here on Maui for seven years. She spends her days sharing her passion for organic, botanical skincare with her community through her company (co-created with Jai Stringer), Maui Blessed Organics. She also infuses her days with crafting Native American inspired beaded jewelry and ceremonial instruments under the name Walk In Beauty. You can contact her at or go to Become interactive and learn more about her thriving businesses by checking out and


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