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Let’s take a second to review some of the content of the previous installments of this article, which can also be found in the mompreneur section.

First and foremost, we addressed our perception; our belief system. We must believe that creating financial abundance while bonding with our baby is possible and something worth striving for. After this belief has taken root, we get practical with a Skill Set list. Be honest with your skills. Feel excitement as you create your list because these skills are the stepping-stones to your goal of making money without sacrificing baby time.

As we asses our Skill Sets, what is the common thread that will lead us to our own perspective pots of gold? I guarantee that a passion path will present itself.  Oh that is good, Passion Path. Just as you can bond with your baby and make money, you can have passion and a paycheck. 

Armed with our Set Skill List we begin building a budding business platform. Businesses will flourish when the right building blocks are stacked properly. For more inspiration – watch how those Lego towers come together with a little patience and persistence before the eyes of a child.

So, what are our building blocks made of?

1. Knowledge of your vision: What are you offering and who will it serve? This is a major component, a cornerstone to the rest of the structure. In the coming days, months, years, learn to clearly understand your target audience.

2. Packaging: How do you want your offering to appear to the world? Packaging is the bells and whistles of your business; your image, logo, name under which you will operate, social media presence…etc.

3. Marketing: How can you best get this service, product or offering into the eyes, ears and hands of your target audience?

4. Efficient use of your precious energy! The key word here is delegate. What aspect of this creation are you happy and willing to surrender to the skilled hands of someone else? Guess what you will be doing when those awesome individuals, who are experts in those fields, are completing certain tasks? You got it! You are bathing in those baby moments. You are teaching baby to toddle, walk, run…

So here we are; a newborn-business idea in your sight. It is so good and so real that you can taste, touch and see yourself living this Passion Path to abundance with your tiny-tot in tow. Or… We have the vision, but it is blurred? What if we are struggling with your Skill Set list, the process, the foundation.

This, my mamas, is where we reach out to our community. This is the opportunity to grow, to cultivate, and to continue to dig deep. How have women done it before you? We have infinite resources at our fingertips with the advent of the Internet.

Here I will share my personal role model; Karin Frost the creator of the ErgoBaby Carrier. Wow! Right? And she did it right here on Maui. Not satisfied with current carriers at the time she embarked on her own Passion Path to make it easier for all of us mamas to keep our little ones close, safe and secure. This idea, this service, then expanded and grew into a multi-million dollar company.  Again, wow! Right?  Karin Frost doesn’t know it but she is my personal hero, and there are many women that have walked before us that have done similar things. In times of uncertainty, find your heroes. Study their steps. Wear their accomplishments as armor and know that you are just as capable, determined and ready to succeed as they were! I want to say Mahalo from the bottom of my heart for reading these words and believing in yourself! I will leave you with are a few links to help you along your way.

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Ariana Cotardo is a mama, writer, artisan and entrepreneur that has resided here on Maui for seven years. She spends her days sharing her passion for organic, botanical skincare with her community through her company (co-created with Jai Stringer), Maui Blessed Organics. She also infuses her days with crafting Native American inspired beaded jewelry and ceremonial instruments under the name Walk In Beauty. You can contact her at or go to Become interactive and learn more about her thriving businesses by checking out and


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