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Aloha and welcome back to How to Bond With Your Baby & Make Money. This piece follows Part I (which was featured in the May-June issue) and if you have yet to check it out, please do online. The gist is this; you can make money without sacrificing precious cuddles, snuggles and giggles with your little one. It takes a change of perception, an open mind, a dash of creativity and crap ton of determination. Let’s face it, if you didn’t have a reason to set down roots and get that bank account growing before, you sure do now.

So, lets jump in. First and foremost? Perception. Belief system.

You are an amazing human being. You are going to or have already brought life into this world. That is a miracle. That takes strength, courage, vulnerability, faith and a resolute desire to create. It also takes a certain amount of release and surrender to the unknown. These are exactly the type of qualities you are going to need as you move forward with your vision of financial success and sacred baby time. Success is possible! That must be the perception and belief system that you shine from. 

Now take some deep breaths. Inhale your awesomeness and exhale your inhibitions. Open your mind and tap into your skills. We all know that it is hard to create something out of nothing. Sit back, find a pen and get back to the basics: What are you an expert on? What are you naturally good at? Don’t let conventions taint this process. Open your mind and think of it all. For example, my list began like this…

* I’m an expert on being me
* On being a woman
* On adventure and travel
* On striving for health…

See what I mean? Once you have a list going. Find your pattern. What links all of those skills together and puts YOU in demand. We are a culmination of our past interests, desires, hopes and experiences and it is this culmination that can be the key to thrive.

Now take a moment to check out what your little one is up to while you make this list? When I worked out my skill set my sonny boy was just coming together first trimester style. No larger than a grain of rice. So as my body laid the foundation for his physical growth, I laid the foundation for the birth of a business.

What is needed to make your vision grow strong, stable, healthy and into fruition? Welcome to my ‘foundation metaphor’. Just like caring for and growing babies into happy, healthy big people… we must care for our financial dreams and goals. After you alter your perceptions to “Yes You Can” and open your mind to your innate expertise get creative with Determination. How can it feel less like rolling a thousand pound rock up hill and more graceful, natural and more like all rivers running to one ocean?

Make it pleasurable! Make it so your vision, your ideal dream of financial success and how you are going to get there is the biggest turn on in your life. You are going to need this element of joy to pull you through those moments of proverbial morning sickness and fatigue.

To put this determination in context – let me share with you what my foundation consisted of. While my son grew cell by cell, I pulled together piece by piece a dream. My own company. To be my own boss. My building blocks were: find a partner; research botanical ingredients; learn how to create a website for marketing; get into social media; apply for all the proper paperwork and licenses that recognizes my business in this state and seal the deal on the name of my dreams.

Determination and sheer will got me through a few of those steps, as I have never been computer or paper work savvy. My vision held strong of holding my baby and working with him alongside me. Creating a schedule that allows me to bond with him, be with him, teach him and learn from him. And through this budding business I could see those things coming to pass.

So, I implore you to hold on tight. You have already made the leap by checking into your own desire to bond with your baby and make money. Choose your perspective. Open your mind. Enjoy the unfolding of your purpose. I know that I never fully understood my purpose until I gave birth. Mahalo Ke’akua. God bless. Till next time.

Image Credit: Maui Blessed Organics Fb page

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Ariana Cotardo is a mama, writer, artisan and entrepreneur that has resided here on Maui for seven years. She spends her days sharing her passion for organic, botanical skincare with her community through her company (co-created with Jai Stringer), Maui Blessed Organics. She also infuses her days with crafting Native American inspired beaded jewelry and ceremonial instruments under the name Walk In Beauty. You can contact her at or go to Become interactive and learn more about her thriving businesses by checking out and


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