Birthing Supply List

birthing supply listDear Aunty Tina, I’m going to have a baby next month and was wondering if you could give me a list of things I will need for and after the birth? Mahalo.

Well, it all depends if you’re having a home birth or hospital birth, but this birthing supply list should cover both scenarios:
Reusable Options:
• Towels – different sizes. 12+, can be used for floor or bed protection, especially if you are planning a water birth.
• Hot water bottle/enema bag.
• Washcloths – new, soft and washed for perineal compresses, cold face cloth, etc.
• Extra toilet paper.
• Large shower curtain liner to protect furniture.
• Extra set of clean sheets for your bed.
• Placenta bowl.
• Electric thermometer.
• Straws – bendy kind, very nice.
• Rice cooker or crock pot to keep compresses warm.
• Strainer – large or colander if planning a water birth.
• Maxi pads – dampen and freeze in plastic bag for soothing yoni after birth.
• Loose, stretchy undies for maxi pads.
• Baby clothes – washed and dried – irritant-free soap in the wash, 1/2 cup white vinegar in the rinse.
• Baby blankets – thin cotton, flannel or muslin.

Disposable Options:
• Large and medium size Depends or Chucks under pads – Costco, Walmart, etc.
• Plastic sheet for bed or floor.
• Maxi pads.
• Newborn diapers.

Labor Comforts:
• Coconut water – fresh or canned, a case is good.
• Variety of easy to digest foods – fruits, yogurt, soups.
• Fluids – drinking water, juices, Emergen-C, Recharge, broths, miso, etc., herbal teas.
• Large pot for making tea.
• Massage oil – jojoba, olive, coconut – unscented.
• Birth pool – and good supply of clean, hot water (may buy kiddie inflatable pool or borrow from midwife).
• Laundry hamper and garbage bags.
“Just in Case” hospital bag:
• Baby clothes including soft cap, diapers.
• Infant car seat.
• Change of clothes for mom.
• Loose dress for hospital labor.
• Necessary documents – ID, insurance card, etc.
• Camera.

• Squirt or spray bottle to wash your perineum after each bathroom visit.
• Betadine – small bottle to clean perineum, bath water.
• Castor oil – great compress for breasts.
• Postpartum tea – Raspberry leaf, nettles, dandelion root, shepherd’s purse – drink one quart per day for 4-6 weeks.
• Hydrogen peroxide – will remove blood stains. Can be used to clean baby’s umbilical stump. Large bottle or two.
• Golden seal powder for baby’s cord care.

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Tina Garzero CPM, LMT. practiced midwifery for 40 years and lived on Maui for over 35 Years. She was the mother to 9 children and lived in Haiku. She is the heart of the Mauimama and will be sorely missed. (Tina Garzero 1951-2015). We love you Tina. This website is dedicated to Tina's life and service on Maui.