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It was August 10th, 2009, two days before the due-date of my second child. After seeing a movie in Kahului with my Husband Paul, I was waddling around Safeway at around 11.30pm, hungry again and craving for all sorts of unusual foods. I can’t quite remember what I left with but my craving was satisfied! When I got home I went to the toilet and remember seeing that my waters had broken, but only ever so slightly. No cramps had started yet and so not worrying too much and knowing what was ahead of me, I snuggled up in bed and made myself go to sleep…Labor was imminent!

At around 2.30am I awoke with very dull but gentle cramps in my uterus. They were steady and I was able to get up and begin to run myself a bath. I awoke Paul so that he could start the great task of timing my contractions as once the bath was ran they began to progress quite rapidly. After the bath I got back onto bed and we continued to time the contractions. At around 4/5am my contractions were now about 15 minutes apart. We called our Midwife to let her know. Her advice was, “Go back to sleep if you can or at least get some rest and call me when they are around 5-10 minutes apart” which Paul and I thought would be in a few hours at least… WRONG!

Within that same hour, the contractions began to come on full and fast. Suddenly it dawned on me that this was the point of no return, time to get into Birthing Warrior mode and go within! Around two hours later I was in full, active labor! The entire birth plan Paul and I had had to birth our second child in the water, set up the video camera so we could film the birth, all went entirely out of the window. No time for that. No time for anything! The hot tub did not heat up in time due to my contractions un-predictably rapidly progressing, so no water birth for me, just good old-fashioned fresh air!

Now, some of you mama’s who experienced a more challenging or longer labor/birth might be envious, or those mamas pregnant right now with your second, this may give you optimism. After an extremely quick and uncomplicated labor at 8:30am, our little Star, ‘Étoile Sîam Gotel’ was birthed safely at home to the heavy Haiku rain coming down from the skies – an auspicious welcoming for her! She weighed a healthy 7lbs 6oz, a little bigger then her big brother Phoenix, and I thought that his birth was fast! My Daughter’s was exactly half the time!

Even though we knew that I was having a girl prior to her arrival, it is always still a complete surprise. Pro-creation never ceases to amaze me and I am so blessed to have been able to go through the experience of carrying my second child and having a completely different experience in the process. No two pregnancies were the same for me. I got to experience many gifts and great healing along the way and I still am and will continue to do so!

My girl had finally graced her way into our lives like a shooting Star! What a blessing she is to her Mama, Papa and Big Brother. We love you Ettie, never stop shining little *STAR* with that big unique, Leo personality of yours!!!

Image Credit: Dee Gotel

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Durani (Or Dee to her friends) Gotel is formerly from the UK. She trained in interior design and architecture achieving a diploma and BA Honors degree. She is now a proud mama of her two children Phoenix and Ettie and living on Maui. Durani emigrated from London over a decade ago and works full-time as a designer for ERGObaby.