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I was in my 7 month of pregnancy talking with my girlfriend, a mother of 4, and she was responding calmly to my millionth phone call of the day. The topic of that particular hour was my career and I nervously asked how I was ever going to be able to have a profession again after the birth of my child. She calmly said, “Mama, you will birth yourself as well with that child, and you will be amazed at the abilities that come with the new you.” I couldn’t at that time ever imagine any part of me being a new or amazing as I worked every day to keep another human alive.

Now almost 7 months later I know exactly what she was talking about. Women are naturally good at taking care of others, it is in our makeup and more often than naught we focus on nurturing others before we work on ourselves. One of the beautiful gifts of birthing a child is that not only does it present you with a beautiful being that loves you unconditionally, it also gives you the gift of a new you.

While there is usually a grieving of your old life as well as the old you, if you make time for it, there is also a fresh beginning in the self. Many women don’t talk about the grief that comes with this process and if you honor it and let it go, a whole new you is created. A mother and a woman that is stronger, more resourceful, calmer, resilient, honorable, clearer, worthy, patient and more centered than ever before.

There is a mysticism in birthing a child and part of it is tied to the transformation that happens while you are with child, birthing your baby as well as what happens to you as you become a mother. I mean if you really think about it, we are a walking/talking chrysalis. When a woman can take the time to respect this and walk with it, there is a profound beauty that happens not only with yourself, but also with your child and those around you.

As November is a time for gratitude, take time to be thankful for the new you as you care for your child and your family. Take a step back and look and appreciate what has been born in you, what birthing your child has created in you and you will see that this woman is amazing, not only did she give a life to the world, she gave a new life to herself too!

Image Credit: Christina DeHoff

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Krista Sherer is an editor in Sebastopol, California. She is the happy mother of her now 4 year old son, Sterling Bear. Originally from Maui, Krista does love her new community in Sonoma County and will always be an island girl at heart.