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I have experienced birth as a unique journey into my own soul. With my first son, the journey I experienced was about surrender. With my second son, the journey took me to a deeper level of trust. This next journey began as a complete surprise.

We were expecting our 3rd boy, due just before Halloween 2013, and he was riding very low. We finally hit the long anticipated 37 weeks. We took long hikes, long beach walks and played in the ocean to help the proceedings along. On Thursday, October 17th I had an amazing massage and slept almost 10 hours with little disturbance.

As Friday October 18th approached, I anticipated the full moon energy. When I awoke in the morning on Friday I felt the energy flowing. It was also the day of the Solar Eclipse. To be safe I called the midwife and she came over. I was 5cm dilated, but not in labor, so she set up her equipment and informed us it may be a very quick birth, yet we didn’t know what day it would commence.

I asked if I could go to Iao Valley, but she recommended we go somewhere closer to home so that day we played at the Keawekapu beach where we got married. The ocean sparkled, the sand was glowing and my children’s laughter filled my womb with joy. It was a beautiful day even though I kept feeling like I had to pee and wanted a nap. I was ready to go home by 4:00pm. I wanted to have some alone time so my husband dropped me off. When I got out of the shower. I noticed I was having contractions, so I started timing them. At that moment a friend called and we talked. She told me I sounded funny like I was in labor, we laughed and hung up. However, once I timed my contractions they were 2 minutes apart and I called our midwife. She hurried over. I called my husband and he started to pack the kids up at he park. Now it was about 5:00pm.

After our midwife arrived, she suggested we drop our children at a friend’s house while I made some calls. My husband dropped the children off, our midwife ran out to get an important part of her kit. I felt normal, NOT like a women in labor. I was by myself taking some last minute selfies in the mirror and I felt the rush coming. I was in labor and going to meet my son! I proceeded to yoga ball on the living room floor while animalistic sounds flowed out of me. It was now 5:30pm.

My midwife and husband came back around the same time. I was in the zone going with each wave and roaring like a lioness. At some point I had a break in the contractions and was able to stand up to orientate myself with the status of the birthing tub. I was invited into the tub and relief immediately set in. I was in the warm water breathing, roaring, talking and after half an hour the midwife said we’re going to break your water and the baby will be here in 1-2 pushes. Wow, it all went so fast. I was able to stop at the ring of fire and breathe. The umbilical cord was around the baby’s neck and was quickly unwrapped so that our baby boy could arrive in his daddy’s hands at 6:17pm shortly after sunset. Levi Valentine was born and brought me through a journey of renewed faith.

You can actually go experience this birth (explicit video) on youtube. com, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0JKHnSFPEY or under Birth of Levi 10.18.2013 and I warn you; grab a tissue.

Image Credit: Tonja Pe Benito

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