Maui family activity free bike path

Boys seem to come bouncing out the womb enthralled with any kind of moving vehicle. I don’t have girls so I can’t compare but my friends who have both boys and girls have noticed this phenomenon too. When they were expanding Haleakala Highway it was very exciting for my son to see all the big trucks and excavators at the side of the road. Sometimes I drove down the hill just for the sheer fun of watching Dylan get besides himself with all the diggers! Both my boys also love anything moving in the sky; airplanes, helicopters etc… Airbo (airplane) was one of the first ten words both boys identified freely… so was moon. Sometimes to distract them in the car we play ‘who will be the first to see a helicopter’ on the way to Kahului. It keeps them amused for minutes!

For good or for bad, we have a busy little airport here that regularly welcomes a few planes an hour onto our island. These planes may be a bane for the Stable Road and Speckelsville folk, but for little boys it is great! There is a great bike path on Maui behind the airport, where you can watch the planes land and take off. This combines their love of airplanes, riding their tricycles, rolling in the stroller, scootering, riding in the wagon or biking (depending on their abilities) and for me a way to get some much needed exercise.

The bike path starts at the beginning of Stable Road. You can follow this bike path all the way behind the airport and end up at Kanaha Beach Park or visa versa. It takes about forty- five minutes one way, give or take. It can get really hot and dry so the best times to go are early in the morning or later in the afternoon. There is no shade along the trail so you will want to pack water and hats. If you are starting at Stable Road, you can park in the dirt lot, that is on the left as you come off the Hana Highway. You then need to cross the road, walk a few yards and get up on the bike path. If you are starting at Kanaha, you are best parking at the end parking lot and then walking out of the park and taking a left until you get to the end of the road and the beginning of the bike path.

If you are hard core-you can start at Stable Road, watch the planes, and go all the way to Kanaha Beach Park, swim in the ocean and then ride/walk all the way back. This would be a full day and you would definitely have to bring lunch or lots of snacks and water for it to be remotely pleasurable. The best spot to watch the planes is nearer to the Kanaha end, so if you didn’t want to be on the path for over an hour you can get to the same spot in about 10 minutes from that direction. Either way, it is fun to get out of the house and see how excited they get when an airplane lands and rolls right past

Image Credit: Shannon Brown

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