Monsanto chemical spray Kihei

The photo above was taken of a chemical spraying record sheet posted in a Monsanto field in North Kihei, Maui. Monsanto is not required to disclose what chemicals and in which combinations they are spraying their crops to the community they are working in. Unfortunately Monsanto are conducting open-air chemical experiments to help test and research their products. Hawaii is a perfect location due to the year round sunny weather.

From photos like this the one, we now know some of the chemicals that are sprayed on the fields in North Kihei on Maui. As mothers we have concerns. Some of the biggest concerns are the following:

Aatrex (Atrazine): BANNED in the E.U. due to increased risk of birth defects (Gastroschisis – a specific abdominal wall defect) was elevated in infants of mothers residing in areas of high surface and groundwater atrazine levels), infertility and possibly cancer. Once it leaches into groundwater, it can remain there for decades. Timing of exposure may be more important than exposure levels, and interaction with other pesticides may make health harms more severe.

Lorsban (Chlorpyrifos): BANNED from household use in the U.S., known for its damaging effects on the human nervous system. Risks are elevated, even at very low doses, for fetuses, infants and children because of their developing nervous systems.
Chlorpyrifos is prone to drift, putting nearby residents and their children at risk.

Roundup (Glyphosate): Known to cause kidney failure, reproductive problems and cancers. It is being found in urine samples taken on Maui.

Coragen: (persistent in water & soil for up to 3 years), Permethriz, Bravo, Baythroid:
All these chemicals are highly toxic to fish and/or other aquatic life:
Permethriz, Bravo, Provo : BANNED in the E.U. because of, “unacceptably high
risk to bees.”

**These are only the chemicals we know about from our research of usage on Maui. Currently, chemical companies are not required to disclose what chemicals they are testing on crops and efforts to require them to do so have been met with lawsuits on Kauai.

Chemical drift

Chemical drift 2

Thursday September 18th 2014, there will be a Mom’s Town Hall Meeting/Information Session on How We Can Protect Our Keiki: 7pm at Kalama Park. 5pm to 6pm arrive & eat 6pm to 7pm information session. Childcare and allergy-friendly food provided. For more info contact Autumn at 214 0437 or

Image Credit: Autumn Rae Ness

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Autumn Ness is the Director of the Organic Land Management Program of Beyond Pesticides. She is a community organizer and farmer advocate focused on empowerment of local organic farmers, policy, education and systems change. She’s also the campaign manager for Uncle Walter Ritte, running for State House for Pa’ia, Ha’iku, East Maui, Lana’i and Moloka’i. You can learn more about the Maui Food Hubs at, or follow them on facebook or instagram for updates. Check out Beyond Pesticides Hawai’i at


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