Barre workouts are popular for their ability to give you a firm booty and lean body. Get out your tutu, legwarmers, and favorite tunes. Your little one can follow along or dance to their own beat. A countertop, chair, or bannister can be used instead of a Barre.

The Position

There are five foot positions in ballet. For this short and sweet sweat we will use just one called Third Position. One foot is crossed in front of the other with the front heel touching the center of the back foot.

The Alignment (Remember this is for fun and fitness!)

  • No worries about turnout! Most people are comfortable at about 45 not 90 degrees.
  • Knees and feet only need to open as far as hips, feel safe.
  • Pull up from the bottom of the butt, think bikini line bottom.
  • Avoid squeezing only from the top of the glutes resulting in jamming of your sacral joint.
  • Keep leg height minimal to avoid using the back instead of bum and keep joints buoyant versus rigid.
  • Contract the core to support the lower back.
  • Pelvis stays in neutral. Watch for over or under tucking.Warning – exercises done with precision may result in a desire to curse 🙂

The MovesPardon My French!

Plié – bending the knee, like a squat

Relevé – lifting the heels, like a calf raise

Arabesque – standing on one leg, the other leg is lifted behind

Attitude Effaceé Derriére – like arabesque, but back leg is bent instead of straight

The Routine

  • 10x Plié – keep knees aligned safely over second or third toe
  • 10x Relevé – roll up and down through foot verses popping up or dropping quickly
  • 10x Hold plié, lifting heels of floor
  • 10x Pulse from that position
  • 10x Plie, heel lift, relevé, lower
  • 10x Reverse relevé, heel lift, plié

Twirl and repeat on other side

10x Leg lifts to arabesque

10x Hold leg in arabesque and plié with standing leg

10x From arabesque, pull leg into third position relevé

10x Lift leg into attitude effaceé derriére

10x Extend leg from attitude effaceé derriére to arabesque

10x Pulse in attitude effaceé derriére

Repeat on other side and take a bow!


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