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The local nonprofit Malama Na Makua A Keiki, or Malama Family Recovery Center, is a Maui-based gender-specific treatment center. They provide caring, holistic substance abuse treatment to women and children with the goal of empowering families to live safe, independent and healthy lives. They are the only agency on the island where clients can have children living with them during the recovery process.

Their BabySAFE (Substance Abuse Free Environment) Program focuses on pregnant and parenting women. BabySAFE helps women get clean so they can give birth to healthy babies.

Services are offered both through their outpatient and residential programs and include individual, group and family counseling as well as one-on-one therapy. Within a healing family setting women can explore any and all underlying issues and be open and honest about what they are going through. They provide free childcare for all clients as well as transportation to and from treatment sessions for those in the outpatient program. In addition, their caring staff helps clients access early prenatal care services, whether it is finding a doctor, getting to appointments or setting up pre-delivery tours at the hospital. They educate about the consequences of using while pregnant and provide parenting tips and other information related to topics such as stress management, dealing with depression, nutrition, physical activity and contraception following pregnancy.

The BabySAFE Program is also for women who have already given birth. Staff members work with new mothers on healthy parenting techniques and teach women how to recognize healthy child development. If a client’s baby tests positive for drugs and/or alcohol, they will educate the mother about what to expect as the infant grows older and what intervention services are available in the community to minimize the health effects. They also help women who are trying to regain or retain custody of their children. They will arrange and provide transportation to supervised visits, during which they will offer support, advice and guidance. All of these activities can be done while the client, AND THEIR CHILD, lives in their residential or sober living facilities.

Women who are struggling with addiction and want to get better are not alone. Malama Na Makua A keiki will physically go to wherever their clients are most comfortable and their BabySAFE staff can provide services one-on-one. If you or someone you know is pregnant and needs help, please call the BabySAFE Program at 808-877-7117 and ask to speak to Megan Morrow, or email mmorrow@malamafamilyrecovery.org

Making that first step might be the most difficult, but they are always there for those who need help, support and most importantly, someone to listen.

Image Credit: Jane Hudson Stoller

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