Maui baby class 2017

With over 25 years of combined clinical experience in pediatrics, Tamara Evans, ND, and Yumiko Freeman, LAc, have joined together to bring Maui parents an exciting educational opportunity. The design of this class is to discuss topics that frequently come up during infancy, yet typically are not covered during your usual pediatrician visits. With an emphasis on food and nutrition, naturopathic medicine, craniosacral therapy, massage, and acupressure, the instructors will teach you methods to help YOU help your baby throughout their infancy and beyond.

Topics include:

1. The best diet for mama while breastfeeding – Breastfeeding is for nutrition, but also for maternal-infant bonding, oral skills development, and for immune support. It is a hard job and it doesn’t come easy for many. When should you consider a lactation consultant?  How much should mama eat while nursing? What foods are best? What if the breast milk quantity is low? What should mama avoid in her diet for baby’s sake?

2. The best choices for formula feeding – Sometimes breastmilk is not enough, for many reasons. What are the best choices of commercial formula? Is homemade formula an option? Is goat milk okay for babies? What if your baby is allergic to dairy or soy?

3. The best way of introducing solid foods – Research has shown conflicting results in the best timing and method of food introduction over the years. Starting at the right time with the right foods in concert with the baby’s own development is key in avoiding food allergies, digestive intolerances, and serious events like choking. 

4. Ways of helping with colic and other digestive issues –

Colic is concerning for both parents and baby, especially when conventional treatments are lacking. How can you relieve baby’s gas and abdominal cramping? What is normal baby digestion? When should you be concerned?

5. Ways of helping with difficult sleep – There are many sleep schedules and training methods available to new parents; how do you decide which is right for your baby? What is the difference between them all and when should they be started? There ARE gentle ways to help your baby fall asleep.

6. Ways of helping with teething – Teething discomfort varies from baby to baby, and can last from 4 months of age to after 1 year. Other than teething rings and toys, how can you help your baby find gentle and safe relief?

The class will be held on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 5-6:30 PM at “The Office” – 250 Alamaha St., N-14, Kahului. RSVP by 5/22 as space is limited – (855) 968-9371 x 805 or Suggested donation – $20 per person or $30 per couple. Babes in arms welcome.

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