baby wearing exercises

Leggings? Check.
IPod? Check.
Hair up? Yup!
What’s the next thing Mommy can wear for her workout?  How about baby?!

Baby wearing has countless advantages. Beyond the obvious convenience of hands-free mobility, baby bonding, and safety. Baby wearing can be a workout wonder! 

Carrying a heavy load does have its benefits, and let’s face it, whether your baby is six pounds or twenty-six, they get heavy, fast. The right carrier, fitted properly and safely, should distribute your baby or toddler’s weight evenly, making exercise easier. Lunges, squats, dancing, yoga—anything is possible! Your baby will love the rhythmic movement, playful energy, and social interaction. They may even fall asleep in the process. Win-win!

There are, however, some aspects of baby wearing you should consider before you load up and start lifting:

Are you ready?
Every body and birth story is different. Make sure your doctor has cleared you to start exercising. Are you still bleeding or do you have Diastasis? If yes, then baby-wearing workouts might be a no-go for a while. Of course, you can still wear your baby, but you may want to forego traditional exercise classes until your body is truly ready.

View Your Baby Wearing as a Workout
It takes extra energy to carry extra weight, even if it’s close to your center, so be sure to balance that work. Take breaks. Hydrate. If you are using a side carrier, be sure to switch sides frequently so you don’t over-develop one side or create a muscle imbalance that permanently affects your hip alignment. Remember, you’re all loosey-goosey down there for up to six months postpartum from all the Relaxin in your body, so take extra care of yourself.

Use Caution When Exploring Your Workouts
Not all movements are right for all bodies, so if something feels funky, try a different activity. If you’re in a class, don’t be afraid to ask for an alternative exercise that will suit your body better. A good instructor should be able to give you multiple options. 

Most of all, pay attention to how your baby feels while you’re exercising. Don’t be afraid to take a snack break or diaper dash at any time in your workout. Even a structured baby wearing class leaves room for the unexpected.

Being a mom is already a workout, but baby wearing activities can be a bonding blast for you, your baby, and other new moms. Give it a try! You’ll be amazed at how fun and fit you’ll feel!

Amanda Furgiuele is the owner of Body in Balance and The Pole Room in Lahaina. She teaches a different baby wearing class each month, from Baby Barre, to Yo`Baby, a baby wearing yoga class. To learn more about pre and postnatal classes at Body in Balance, visit her website at or call 808-661-1116.

Image Credit: Body in Balance

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