Baby Keeps Biting My Nipple

Baby Keeps Biting My NippleDear Aunty Tina, My baby keeps biting my nipple while I am breastfeeding. It really hurts how can I stop this?

Yes, this can be especially painful and can become more frequent when they are teething. First thing is try not to over react, as you do not want to encourage her to turn it into a game of cause and effect. What works well is if you press the nerve on the face right where the upper jaw and lower jaw come together (just in front of the ear) so her jaw unclasps. As you are doing this you calmly and sternly say, “NO.”

If she keeps biting you after this has happened a few times, do the two steps above but also place her down in a safe place out of your arms for about 10 seconds before picking her up again and restart to breast feed.

It is virtually impossible for a suckling baby to bite so also try and be aware when your baby has finished feeding to try and preempt it. You may also want to check your baby’s feeding position, as they may not be on the nipple properly.

Baby Keeps Biting My Nipple

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