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Yes daddies, you can get in on the action too! Baby and daddy push ups are a great way to begin to teach your little one their letters and work on your upper body and core strength at the same time. As with all exercise programs please consult with your doctor. Happy Father’s day!

Baby Daddy ABC Push Ups

  1. Have your child climb on your back to ride OR
  2. Place your hands, palms big like finger painting hands, to each side of child who is laying beneath you.
  3. Get into push up position. You can be on your knees or toes.
  4. Lower your chest down to kiss or touch noses with your little one each time (if doing poistion 2).
  5. Push back up with your chest and triceps to return to starting position.

Singing Your ABCs (10-12 push ups with pauses for kisses)









Now I know my


Next time won’t you

Sing with me!

Of course mamas this is a great one to do for you too!

Baby Variation – place baby on his or her back looking up at you.

Preschooler Variation – have child do push ups beside you.

Challenge – add side blanks or mountain climbers between push ups.

Gentler Option – place child on couch or bed or even in their crib and push up from there.

Alignment Tips:

  • Avoid shoulder strain by not dropping below a 90 degree bend in your elbow. Elbows should stack over the wrists.
  • Stay engaged in your core and powerful in your inner thighs and feet to draw pressure away from neck and wrists.
  • You know your neck is in alignment when hips, shoulders, and head are on a diagonal. Or you are making a level plank position.
  • Remember to drop your chest, not to peck with your nose.
  • When pushing back up keep elbows, shoulders, wrists buoyant. Soften joints to avoid injury.

Image Credit: mauimama

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